Quantitative Research

At Jackson Adept, we know our partners often need more than qualitative research.

Our Quantitative Specialists manage quotas of 100 with ease and efficiency every day. With kitchens, spacious prep areas and sensory/usability labs equipped with multiple computerized stations, our facilities are well-equipped to handling all your quantitative needs.

In-house programmers are skilled in every imaginable software, and our national verified panel and partnerships ensure top quality results from your online research.

Our management team has been supervising quantitative studies for decades, and as a result, we have developed highly sophisticated quota management techniques that work in conjunction with virtually every food and beverage project methodology used in research.

We have carefully trained senior members of our interviewing staff to assist in kitchen preparation and serving when we host taste tests.

Although quota management can often be demanding, we have established protocols that allow us to closely manage quotas, not only when recruiting, but also when interviewing. We schedule sessions carefully, allowing enough time to reset the necessary areas and ensure each sessions' quotas are met before moving onto the next session.

Our facility is uniquely designed to accommodate these types of projects, as respondents are only exposed to the products and displays once they are granted access to the private testing area.